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Published on November 28th, 2015 | by Citibann


44th National Day Celebrations of the UAE

The upcoming 44th UAE’s National Day celebrations will present a unique and special celebration. The upcoming celebrations will be marked with a series of events. With a diverse calendar drawn up for the activities, residents and visitors will have a special opportunity to experience the true ‘Spirit of the Union’ throughout this period.

Various government departments are participating in the planning for the events, and the overall goal is to cover the country’s history and transformation in terms of the Emirati lifestyle, heritage and culture that will be highlighted.

The official ‘Spirit of the Union’ celebrations will be open to the public along with many others in order to allow everyone a chance to enjoy a roll out of the country’s history and rich culture. The official ‘Spirit of the Union’ celebrations will be hosted at Business Bay, located behind the Dubai Design District. Those who register for this event will be allowed entry.

Apart from that, there are many events and activities being planned and organized for government sector employees as well as the public. These are intended for expressing love and loyalty people have for their homeland, the UAE, and also for their leadership.

UAE’s National Day celebrations will allow expatriates living in the UAE a brilliant opportunity to experience the country’s glorious past and revered traditions, and will allow the UAE to place its culture and beauty in the international spotlight.

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