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Published on June 22nd, 2015 | by Citibann


Fake Digress issues of Pakistani company Axact Hit Many Students of United Arab Emirates

Summary:Axcat is Pakistani IT  company ,founded by shoaib sheikh which claims to be the largest IT company in Pakistan.Axact runs various websites which offers online fake  degrees programmes. Many of  UAE students spend there money for getting online degree 1 student spent his 250,000 dirham  for getting online degree. Now  FIA arrested shoaib sheikh in case of while selling fake degrees online.

In The eye of a global fire storm for selling fake degress,Pakistani firm AXACT is heavy scrutiny by investigators, politicians and the fractious Pakistani media  sector has been disclosed That a  Karachi based software company Axcat  sell many fake millions degrees through a sprawling empire of school websites.

A New York times report an ex Axact staff collaborates man’s account.The firm’s Dubai office media city has remained closed for two years. Degree holders from the 350 odd diploma mills, reportedly floated by AXACT in the virtual world are now working in the uae ,having secured high-paying jobs on the strength of these fake academic Qualifications .An emirati Who unknowingly paid a quarter of a million dirhams for a fake online degree, has urged authorities to take action. he paid online DH 250,000 online degree was fake after the scandal of Pakistani IT Company Axcat .The company was exposed for a illegally operating  hundreds of fake online universities from its headquarters in Pakistan making hundreds of millions of dollars online selling fake degress to people around the world.

Pakistan federal investigation agency (FIA)raid company head quarters in Karachi and arrested CEO and owner of Axcat Shoaib Ahmed .Gulf news interviewed yasir jamshed who exposed Axcat Entire operation He Told that They are targeting the UAE specifically by featuring testaments of arab students and carrying logos of the UAE ministry of higher education and expo2020.The cost of each degree was around $ 4,500 Dh(16,515) Bill slowly accumulated to Dh 250,000 after the universities kept on asking for additional fees for attestation and other services over a period of two years.

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